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LivingSocial PulseCheck: Company Apologizes for Including Dreidels in “Greed Room”

LivingSocial is in damage-control mode today following a $59-a-head "7 Deadly Sins Halloween Party" that the online-coupon company hosted at its 918 F Street space. The problem? The event featured a "greed room" whose decorations included dreidels and gold coins.

The Washington Jewish Week reported that at least one person in attendance found the inclusion of the traditional Jewish toy offensive.

A company spokesman issued an apology, according to Washington Jewish Week, saying "we have looked into it and determined that the inclusion of dreidels with the other games in the gaming room was not a smart choice, and we are very sorry to have upset anyone. Certainly this behavior does not reflect who we are as a company.” The partygoer ultimately got a full refund and LivingSocial is offering the same to any of the more than 600 people who attended the party,  the Washington Business Journal reports.

LivingSocial, always making friends in D.C.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Learry Lessegg

    Please remember that Uncle Vinnie (Gray) gave this Uncle Donny (Graham) spin off 20mil+ of our money. It was numbn*ts nod to "promoting high tech".

    Thankfully Vinnie had more success in his visionary efforts to revitalise downtown and the real estate boom, oh nevermind, that was Dave Clarke and then Tony Williams.

  • Robert

    Disgusting. Have you been by their Entitled WASP HQ? You would quickly realize these people live in a bubble and have little regard for people's feelings if they didn't come from the same elitist schools.

  • Don

    Actually, Learry, the tax credits had performance contingencies and they're not remotely going to make them: