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Snow, but No Snowpocalypse, This Year

There should be no need for fear-inducing snow puns this year.

D.C. can probably expect around 15 inches of snow this winter, which is average for the city, a representative from the National Weather Service said at a D.C. Council transportation and the environment committee roundtable today.

The District only got around three inches of snow last winter.

Matt Rogers, a meteorologist at the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang, said temperature-wise, D.C. residents should expect slightly colder temperatures than last year, but warmer than average.

The Farmer's Almanac predicted last month the area would experience below-average temperatures and higher-than-average precipitation and "red flagged" the area for possibly heavy winter weather during the first 10  days of February.

There's probably a high margin of error for all these predictions, but everyone seemed confident in one thing: This winter won't be anything like the Snowpocalypse.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • MJ

    "There's probably a high margin of error for all these predictions..."

    But let's write an article about it anyway.

  • Ben

    What about next summer? How hot is it going to be? Will there be a Heatpocalypse? What about spring flooding - should we prepare for a Rainpocalypse? Every now and then DC gets tornado warnings and hail - what about this year? Any Windpocalypses or Icepocalypses?
    Even rarer, but still a possibility - earthquakes! Shakepocalypse??!!

    Please research and keep us posted on the danger of these and other relevant Pocalypses.