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The Needle: Busboys and Mayors

Food For Thought: Busboys and Poets owner Andy Shallal announced today that he launched an exploratory committee to begin raising funds for a potential mayoral run. This personality can only make the race more interesting. +2

The New Ivy: Within the first week of opening its first hiring centers, Walmart received applications from 11,000 people for only 1,800 positions in D.C., making getting a job at Walmart harder than getting into the University of Chicago. -3

Trashy Texas: Dallas papers make lots of shutdown-related jokes in their coverage of the Pigskins vs. Cowboys Sunday football game. -2

Shut It Off: This dude wrote a shutdown song and, while creative, it's far from music to the ears. -2

Friday's Needle rating: 35 Today's score: -5 Still in a Shutdown Penalty: -1 Needle rating: 29

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  • Derek

    Wow so 11,000 people apply for jobs at Wal-Mart gets a negative rating? People looking for jobs (when many aren't available) is a bad thing b/c they are applying to Wal-Mart? I'll make a bet that a majority of the Paper's staff live in Ward 2 and honestly do not really care about working people.

    Being employed at $8.25/hr is a lot better than being unemployed at $12.50/hr.

  • Typical DC BS

    @Derek: The CP staff doing this bogus needle need to stop frequenting hipstervilles and get out and about in NE and SE. Of course, most journalists are idealists with not much real world experience.