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The Needle: Artistic License

Artistic License: D.C. released a new version of its driver's licenses, and it's very flowery. -1

Help Not Wanted: Glenn BeckTea Party Patriots, and others will participate in a day of service Saturday where they will clean up the monuments on the National Mall that the "president shutdown." -6

Common Theft: We probably don't need a PSA for this, but just in case, don't leave your bike locked up on your porch overnight. It will get stolen. -3

Fail: The 3,000 truckers that were supposed to clog traffic on the Beltway in protest of the government shutdown ended up being only 30 or so trucks that didn't do all that much in the way of slowing traffic. +4

Yesterday's Needle rating: 40 Today's score: -6 Still in a Shutdown Penalty: -1 Friday Bonus: +2 Needle rating: 35

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  • Ward-8

    They should also take the entire Republican Congress with them since they are responsible for this debacle and beside it will be about time they start earning their pay.

  • Derek

    So why are volunteers cleaning public spaces deserve a -6 rating? Because they are involved with Freedomworks? I would think you should support any group that is offering their time and energy to do so. We all know the leftist lean of this paper, but I'd imagine we should support all volunteers regardless of political persuasion.

  • Typical DC BS

    Love seeing Perry's "-6" for the "wrong people" doing clean-up work, thanks to Obumbler's decision to maximize the pain of the shutdown. Sorry your leftist leanings got your panties in a bunch.