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Feds to Furloughed Employees: Can’t Pay Bills? Show Creditors This Letter!

As the federal government shutdown drags into its second week, at least one agency has sent furloughed employees a letter that's supposed to make things easier if they can't pay bills while they're not getting paid.

"Because these employees will not receive pay during the lapse in appropriation, some of our employees may have difficulty in timely meeting their financial obligations," says the letter from the Department of Homeland Security, which a furloughed employee provided to Washington City Paper. "This lapse in appropriation is expected to be a temporary situation and one that is beyond our employees' control. We appreciate your organization's understanding and flexibility toward DHS employees until this situation is resolved."

No doubt banks, landlords, mortgage lenders, and other creditors around the country are eager to put their debts aside upon receipt of such a helpful note.

Read the full letter (with identifying details redacted) below:

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • JD

    Amazing I did not get a letter like this when we were furloughed by one of the great surrounding counties. Or when I lost my Federal Gov contracting job after 7 years of service. Guess the Feds are the only ones we care about.

  • Adam

    Furloughed employees are not the only ones not getting a paycheck. "Essential employees" (like law enforcement, border patrol etc) are required to work , but are not getting a paycheck. Everyone keeps thinking its only furloughed employees.

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  • Holliday

    Adam, I'm with you man!

    All the air traffic controllers are furloughed, but are still working traffic.