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Photos: Drum Circle

© 2013 Matt Dunn

William Taft warns the Drum Circle about the Park Police shutdown.

© 2013 Matt Dunn

Meridian Hill Park, Oct. 6th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

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  • http://www.raycurt.con raycurt johnson

    Don't believe the HYPE. You can't shutdown the living!

    “The Awakening” A Cultural Revival for a Nation's Capitol
    Thursday October 17, 2013. 7:00pm

    1816 12th Street, N.W.
    Washington,D.C 20009.

    Day of Atonement for Emancipation.
    As a product and result of spiritual traditions from my lineage of activists, educators and dedicated civil workers of their time, it is my in inherited duty to praise and raise the legacy message that has sustained our resolve. We are witnessing a chaotic disparagement of social justice and decay.
    Fifty years of historical witness. Capitalism, discourse within the democratic ideology. A footnote to the recent anniversary celebration of the MLK-March on Washington. This day may we call for reprise of a collective thought process with collective action? BALANCE!
    The Celebration on October 17th will help us to “Keep hope and Mountaintop Dreams alive”, and functional.

    A humble faithful servant of Christ, the auspices of Krishna, Majesty of Yahweh!
    Raycurt L. Johnson