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Shutdown Shuts Park Streets

Most streets in and around national parks are run by the National Park Service, so like the parks, they'll be closed during the government shutdown. Which, in D.C., means some of your usual routes may be affected.

These are the roads that are closed to both cars and cyclists in Rock Creek Park, according to Jennifer Mummart, a spokeswoman for the National Park Service. (They'll be barricaded like when they're closed to cars on weekends, Mummart says, but she doesn't think they'll be guarded.)

  • Beach Drive
  • Sherrill Drive
  • Bingham Drive
  • Ross Drive
  • Morrow Drive
  • Glover Drive

Rock Creek Parkway, Joyce Road, and Wise Road will remain open. (The Park Service hasn't yet replied to City Desk's inquiries about how they choose which roads to close.)

The following streets will be closed around the National Mall:

  • Madison Drive NW
  • Jefferson Drive SW

Photo by dlofink via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License

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  • Peter K

    Pathetic. Considering the utter neglect the NPS shows to the maintenance, policing and policy of these trails/park roads, it's astonishing how efficient they can be in closing them to cyclists and other users while, of course, ensuring motorists can still race along Rock Creek Parkway etc at double the posted speed limit. Proof that sending these people home without pay may not be such a bad idea afterall. And proof cyclists should resist being banished to "paths" and assume their rightful place on the roads where they belong.

  • Don H

    It is beyond pathetic, and is clearly being done to stick it to the public. If it's so important that roads in National Parks be closed, why haven't they shut down the George Washington Memorial Parkway, hmmmmm? Because they know that they'd never get away with it, that's why. I could understand closing off picnic areas and bathrooms. But a road? Come on. Because apparently the US Park Police still have enough exempted manpower to allow them to change traffic flow in the lower park each morning and evening. And did they really think they were going to stop a bunch of World War II veterans from seeing their memorial? I mean, these guys fought the SS, for crying out loud. . . .