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Sixth & I to Open Doors to Government Workers Seeking Refuge, Angry Ping-Pong, and West Wing Reruns


Sixth & I Historic Synagogue is opening up a shutdown shelter for federal government refugees Tuesday.

Any employee affected by the near-certain shutdown, or anyone else who just needs a place to hang out "during this period of uncertainty," should go to the synagogue's "Shutdown Central" every weekday starting at 10 a.m. until Congress reaches an agreement to fund the federal government, Sixth & I announced in a press release today.

"Throughout the day, there will be Political Ping Pong (red versus blue, with photos of certain government officials on the paddles), bipartisan board games, reading materials, constant streaming of The West Wing, and an informal meeting space with all of the essentials for non-essentials—free coffee, food, and Wifi," the announcement read.

The idea is that if the shutdown drags on, Shutdown Central will grow into a community incubator, where people can lead classes in their areas of expertise, like yoga or social media practice, to their fellow furloughed employees. As they say, ain't no party like a furlough party.

Flickr photo by user tpurk via a Creative Commons license.

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  • Rabbi Rachel Ackerman

    What an incredible program Sixth & I!

    If others are looking for support during this time, please come join us:

    FURLOUGHED FRIENDS – bagels, coffee and practical financial advice from CPAs on weathering the government shutdown.

    WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 2, 2013, 10 AM

    Temple Shalom
    8401 Grubb Road (at the corner of East-West Highway)
    Where Silver Spring meets Chevy Chase, MD
    Just 3 blocks from the DC line, and 2 blocks north of the Parkway Deli.

    Public Transit: Just over a mile west of the Silver Spring Metrorail station. Direct Bus service from Silver Spring, Bethesda, Friendship Heights and College Park.

    For More Information:
    David Windt - 415.425.0418
    Susan Zemsky - 301.587.2273

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  • Ravi

    I live just about a mile from Temple Shalom but have never been inside! I am not a federal employee but I could use advice.

  • sara

    This is just amazing! People who a month ago were probably complaining that they had no time to do anything at home because they were working too much cannot even stay home for 2 days without whining. Seriously? many of these federal workers probably make much more than their private sector counterparts, and having 2 days off throws them for a loop? A better use for their time would be to organize a furloughed worker group to help at a homeless shelter and let them know how privileged they really are, instead of giving them ping pong and Wi-Fi.