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The Needle: D.C. Asshole

D.C. Asshole: Guy dumps D.C. woman via text. Woman publicly retaliates. +2

Hit The Road, Nat: Mayor Vince Gray is scheduled to announce the District's next CFO tomorrow to replace Natwar M. Gandhi, who is stepping down later this year. +3

Can't Touch Us: The D.C. government is on its way to defying a government shutdown, with Gray officially declaring today all District workers "essential." This could get fun. +4

Mumbo Jumbo: The owner of Capital City Mumbo Sauce says she's not changing her company's name, despite a recent trademark ruling saying the name officially belongs to a company in Chicago. "We are going to be keeping our name really until someone beats down our door," she says. +2

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  • Sane

    That woman in the texting story is batsh*t crazy. Check out the picture and commit it to memory so you will know when to run.

  • Art

    DC Asshole, indeed! Wait, to which one were you referring?

  • name

    This is the type of psycho woman EVERY man tries to avoid at all costs.

    She knew the guy for two weeks; she proved she is a psycho. No in person discussion or phone call was going to make her less of a psycho when the relationship *inevitably* dissolved.

    Clearly she has no self awareness, self-control, or self confidence which is why she's "super popular" in whatever-it-is-she-does, but is sill setting up dates with ridiculously drunk people who give her even a hint of attention and trying really hard to generate chemistry with everyone she meets. ]

    Therapy. Do it now before you lose another decade dating this way.

  • Dude

    Can you see Eduardo Saverin's girlfriend in The Social Network anywhere nearby?
    Note to crazy girls. Just because you swallow doesn't mean he's all that into you.