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Joyce Carol Oates: D.C. Homeless Hater?


Joyce Carol Oates was in D.C. over the weekend for the National Book Festival, but it appears it wasn't all literary bliss and fairy tales for the 75-year-old author.

Oates appeared to be complaining about the District's homeless population on Twitter today, calling people "wandering the streets" "delusional and very angry individuals" and saying she was thankful "they can't afford guns."

It's unclear what provoked her. But for what it's worth, according to her Twitter feed, she also wasn't very fond of the Peter Coffin exhibit at the Hirshhorn.

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  • Sam Clemens

    She was referring to Republican members of Congress.

  • Greg

    Seriously? I'd get really mad but cant get mad at a seventy four year old.

  • Alan

    Most people are still coherent at 74, maybe if she were 94...

  • um

    DC homeless have threatened, harassed, cat-called, and chased me. All she got was shouting? She got off easy!

  • S

    Sadly, I often think, "What's up with the homeless in this town," as I walk around so don't have anything to say about that. I am also sure that she is right about the Coffin exhibition so...there really isn't a story here.

  • Betabox

    How does this make her a "hater?"

  • Derek

    I'm a Republican but that is pretty funny.

  • Sam Wang

    Is someone contending that there aren't "Delusional & very angry individuals in Washington, D.C. wandering the streets shouting at startled tourists"? If so, they should really visit the Judiciary Square Metro.

  • Typical DC BS

    She's just another delusional Dumocrat thinking the homeless need taking care of by their superiors.

  • Rik

    "Delusional & very angry individuals"

    that description fits virtually everyone in the DC area.

  • Hollis

    As some one who works with the people she is referring to, I am also thankful they can't afford guns. The chronic homeless often have mental health and or substance abuse problems that cause them to act that way.

  • SherryV

    Why is what she tweeted bad?

  • Milton Noones

    Peter Coffin exhibit is very good. Maybe we should buy our homeless bus tickets to Dallas.

  • Unregenerate Idealist

    What have "literary bliss and fairy tales" to do with JCO? Have you ever read any of her books?

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