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U.N. Brown Shirts Actually Just MPD Officers

Are a team of NATO and Russian officers training alongside D.C. police officers in Columbia Heights?

Well, the answer is almost certainly no, but nothing is definite, at least according to one extreme Columbia Heights vigilante with the Twitter handle @bombecerise.

The woman tweeted she saw UN troops and Park police training in Columbia Heights. This prompted the blog New Columbia Heights to ask some worthy follow-up questions on Twitter, like, Do you have any more information about this?

Her evidence: The woman says the the officers were speaking a language that sounded Russian or Slavic and wearing brown shirts.   She also sent along a document about NATO and Russia working together, which, as New Columbia Heights points out, makes no mention of D.C. or Columbia Heights.

Also worth noting, as the intrepid neighborhood blog does: The brown-shirted officers are very clearly MPD trainees.

As City Desk is an objective blog that doesn't jump to any conclusions, here's a video the woman provided to New Columbia Heights of these hybrid UN-NATO -Russian troops in Columbia Heights. Judge for yourself: Who are they?

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  • Ward-8

    They are MPD Oficers (Trainees) who have not completed their training at the Police Training Academy not until near the end of their training will they receive their blue Uniform and firearms. The Majority of Law Enforcement Agency in the area have a large cross section of Officers who speak a variety languages other than English.