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Two Funds Created for Community and Victims’ Families in Navy Yard Aftermath

Two funds are being established in response to Monday's Navy Yard shooting—one to help the injured and victims' families and the other to address the long-term challenges of violence in the region.

The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, the same organization that managed the $25 million Survivors’ Fund for victims of the Sept. 11, 2011 Pentagon attack, announced the creation of the two funds today.

“We believe that as a community, we have the power and responsibility to address both the immediacy of the impact of Monday’s tragedy, and make an effort to prevent anything like this from plaguing us in the future,” the foundation's president Terri Lee Freeman said in a statement.

Click here to learn more about the funds and contribute.

Photo by Perry Stein

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  • Crowd It Forward

    Our online charity crowdfunding site Crowd It Forward has also set up a fund for the victims and families. Easy online tax-deductible donations to a great 501(c)(3) foundation that does Random Acts of Crowdfunding.

    Be careful who you donate to. Unlike many charities, Crowd It Forward pledges that at least 90% of every dollar donated will go the the victims and families, and will publicly display our finances to prove it. Many charities, including some major ones, give as little as 10-20% of the money donated to the actual victims.

    To donate, or pass this along, use this link: Thank you.