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FBI: Alexis Armed With Shotgun He Legally Purchased In Virginia

lanier-1The FBI confirmed this afternoon that Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was armed Monday with a shotgun lawfully purchased in Virginia, despite media reports suggesting he had an AR-15 on him. At the press conference, officials also said that the time between the arrival of police on the scene and Alexis' death was more than half an hour and less than an hour.

Valerie Parlave, the assistant FBI director in charge of the Washington Field Officealso dispelled rumors that Alexis acted with other people in yesterday's deadly rampage, confirming that he was alone.

Alexis had been in the D.C. area since August 25 ,first jumping around various hotels and staying in Southwest since Sept. 7. He used a valid ID card to gain entry into Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters, according to Parlave, who wouldn't say whether Alexis reported to work before shooting.

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier says injured MPD police officer Scott Williams, who was shot in the leg, is in good spirits and will likely "outrun us all" one day.

She lauded the police department's work and quick response time Monday.

"The officers that responded did an incredible job, and there's no doubt in my mind that they saved numerous lives," she says.

Update, 5:25 p.m. A lawyer for SharpShooters Small Arms Range in Lorton, Va., J. Michael Slocum, says in a statement that Alexis bought a shotgun there Saturday:

Sharpshooters Small Arms Range was visited by Aaron Alexis on September 14, 2013. Mr. Alexis rented a rifle and purchased ammunition which he used at the practice range. He then purchased a Remington 870 shotgun and a small amount of ammunition (approximately 2 boxes — 24 shells). In accordance with Federal law, Mr. Alexis' name and other applicable information, including his state of residency, was provided to the Federal NICS system and he was approved by that system. After the terrible and tragic events at the Navy Yard, the Sharpshooters was visited by federal law enforcement authorities, who reviewed the Range's records, including video and other materials. So far, as is known Mr. Alexis visited the Range only once, and he has had no other contact with the Range, so far as is known.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • JimA

    I don't understand how it can be said that he purchased the shotgun legally. As I understand it, federal law requires a person to buy a gun in the state in which he is a resident. The shooter was a Texas resident.

    So, he could he legally buy a gun in Virginia?

  • Corky

    To make matters worse, this nut job bought his gun the day before the shootings. Not even 24 hours later, he was killing innocent people. And the NRA is opposed to mandatory wait periods for gun purchases for what reason? This gun culture makes me sick!

  • JimA

    Isn't there a mandatory 3-day waiting period?


    The military’s beleaguered background-check system failed to block Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis from an all-access pass to a half-dozen military installations, despite a history of arrests for shooting episodes and disorderly conduct.

    I'll bet he had to take a drug test...nice screening process guys, I hope they sue your ass into oblivion

  • Typical DC BS

    Sorry Corky, there is NO WAITING PERIOD for buying a shotgun in ANY state. Too bad you are sickened, maybe you can move to those gun-free utopias like China, Mexico or Russia and spare us your whining.

  • geral

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