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The Needle: Silver Linings

Silver Linings: The D.C. area got its first glimpse of the new Metro map with the soon-to-be Silver Line on it. +1

Chronic Pain:The District has been slow moving in making medical marijuana easily accessible to patients, and as of now, only 25 people have licenses. -5

Rain Delay: Severe thunderstorms in the D.C. region Thursday afternoon knocked out power for 19,000 Pepco customers, with a majority of those people living in Montgomery County. -3

Ticket to Ride: The police were apparently handing out tickets in mass today to cyclists who didn't follow traffic rules, including rolling stop signs. -3

Yesterday's Needle rating: 82 Today's score: -10 Today's Needle rating:72

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  • Karl

    If you read Jonathan O'Connell's two sentence tweet very carefully you will learn that 1) He received a written warning, not a fine. 2) He admits he broke the law.

    Not sure why quality of life goes down for police warning people to obey the law.

  • IMGoph

    The phrase you're looking for is "en masse," not "in mass."