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The Needle: An Urban Exodus

Urban Exodus: D.C's hallmark half-smoke joint, Ben's Chili Bowl, is relinquishing its D.C. exclusiveness and expanding to Arlington. -2

New Orleans Blues: The D.C. tax office shut down the frequently complained-about-by-neighbors TruOrleans restaurant on H Street NE today. +2

All My Single Ladies: Single tax filers in the District in 2011 accounted for 63 percent of all tax filers in the city. +1

Trump Nation: At long last, Marion Barry and Donald Trump hung out together today as the Republican businessman/reality TV show host unveiled his plans for Trump International Hotel—and they spent their time whispering secrets in each others' ears. +3

Yesterday's Needle rating:  68 Today's score: +4 Today's Needle rating: 72

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  • TheDonald

    Isn't Bens at Fed Ex Field? Then it has already relinquished its D.C. exclusiveness. correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Mary-Austin

    "DC exclusiveness" get over yourself.