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Metro Sees a Decline in Ridership and Revenue

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority reported Monday that its revenue for fiscal year 2013 came in at $853.6 million, $20.3 million below projections.

Around $6 million of this $20.3 revenue gap came from ridership losses from Hurricane Sandy and President Obama's unexpected deceleration of Christmas Eve as a federal holiday, according to "Metro's FY2013 Operating Budget Performance Review," which was first reported by Dr. Gridlock.

Metrorail also saw 9.3 million fewer trips than anticipated, which the report largely attributes to higher fare prices, changes to the federal transit benefit, and federal furloughs.  The rail system also saw a decline in weekend riders with a particularly dramatic drop in June: June 2012 had 12 percent more weekend rides compared to June 2013.

Parking revenue was also below budget by $3 million, while bus ridership was $2.3 million above budget.

On the plus side, Metro's escalators are functioning at unprecedented levels.

Photo via stevebott, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0

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  • Corky

    Yeah, when you charge people and make them wait in a station for half an hour for a train to arrive, you tend tend to lose the customers who couldn've walked there faster.

  • noodlez


  • saywhat14

    Metro needs to bring the fare down to one price of $2.00 all day everyday. Service is too crappy and most of the attendants have bad attitudes.

  • Asuka

    If you have to wait more than 10 minutes for a train, what's the point of using the system? And then there's the thug crime problem. What a beautiful system destroyed by mismanagement and bad politics.