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Buy D.C.: Bikes

Each week, Buy D.C. will highlight shops and items you can only find in the D.C. area, featuring different goods from different shops all around the city, curated by 94.7 Fresh FM co-host and owner Kelly Collis.

HairThings-Clean Trousers

The ultimate accessory for biking to work (or maybe a date)? The trouser strap helps keep the urban cyclist’s pants from getting caught in the chain ring.

Brooks Trouser Strap, $26.99. The Bike Rack. 1412 Q St. NW, (202) 387-2453


Country Bumpkin in the City

The only thing missing is a baguette and fresh cut flowers.

Nantucket Wicker Bike Basket, $55.99. Capitol Hill Bikes. 719 8th St. SE. (202) 544-4234


What Would James Bond Do?

Leave it to the U.K. to engineer a bike fit for Bond: It collapses for easy storage and weighs less than 30 pounds.

Brompton Bike (color: Yellow Fever), $1,626. BicycleSPACE. 1019 7th St. NW. (202) 962-0123


Bag Reflex

This locally designed carry-all bag straps onto the back of a bike rack, and it’s also sized to fit in Capital Bikeshare baskets. Large enough to store your bike helmet, stylish enough for your ride of shame home after a night out.

Give Love Cycle Bag, $135. BicycleSPACE. 1019 7th St. NW. (202) 962-0123


Tweed Chic

Cycle in style with more traditional bike attire and stock the closet for the next tweed ride.

Straw Hat $13, Seersucker Men’s Jacket, $55. Buffalo Exchange. 3279 M St. NW, (202) 333-2829.

Photos by Kelly Collis

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  • Typical DC BS

    Or try using a large rubber band - cost $-0-.

  • Mario

    First off, it's an assembled, not a "curated" list. Museums curate, radio stations make lists. Second, the Brooks strap and Bromptons are available everywhere, not just in DC. Horrible on so many levels...

  • Donald

    Wow! The creativity and design for bike accessories is now eye catching and compiling. Great Idea!