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Teaser Released for Dramatic Documentary on D.C. Taxicabs

A teaser for the blockbuster D.C. taxicab documentary you may or may not have been waiting is out today, and if the background music is any indication, it's going to be dramatic.

Director Julie Espinosa posted the teaser to her YouTube channel and wrote that she would be following reform in the D.C. taxicab industry over the next four months, viewing the change through the lens of the D.C. Taxicab Commission, independent cab owners, customers, and tech start-ups like Uber.

"This documentary records an established, historic industry in our nation's capital as it is forced to change under the pressure of market-driven innovation," she writes.

The teaser includes D.C. Taxicab Commission chair Ron Linton, "The Taxi Link" radio show co-host Pete Tucker, and D.C. cab commissioner and longtime driver Stanley Tapscott.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Correction: This post originally misidentified the documentary's director as Rachel Espinosa.


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  • inayat

    The dc cab accepting credit cards suppose to be simple but its not for the driver.The. system they are installing is. Very expensive for the driver but dctc is saying its almost free for cabbies. I explain you the minimum cost of the system is $1200 . Either u pay them advance or you pay them $25 a month plus you pay them instalation fee which ranges minimum $200 dollar for moderizing the old meter also. Also there will be monthly maintainance fee charge is $40 minimum. Another big expence is new dome light and the cost is $400-500. Now you decide how can the drivers can afford this system which brings so much weekly expences for the driver. If they only want us to accept credit cards all we need is credit card swiper and the only cost to driver is. 275 % fee for charging credit card. Since dctc wants its 25 cent share in each ride so they are throughing us in such a complicating system. And this is beginning 25 cents charge to customers in future it will increase with time you know how they start taxing people.

    Inayat khan