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The Needle: Well Fed

Doomsday Eve: It looks like Congress couldn't get its act together to avert a government shutdown. President Barack Obama criticized Republicans, calling this the "height of irresponsibility." -15
Well Fed:  A handy round-up of all the government shutdown food and drink specials. +3

Government Shutdown Threatens to Kill Weddings

When the fall wedding season collides with a government shutdown, the results aren't pretty.
Twenty-four weddings are scheduled to take place on the National Mall during October, and any slated to take place while the government is shut down will be canceled, according to National Mall spokeswoman Carol Johnson. If Congress doesn't pass an agreement to continue [...]

Goodbye, National Aquarium

As the National Aquarium in D.C. closes its doors today, its poor leopard sharks and hellbender salamanders will be the proverbial kids picked last in gym class.
"Ninety-eight percent of the animals have found homes," curator Jay Bradley said earlier today of the aquarium's 1,500 residents  who face eviction from their tanks in the basement of the Department [...]

The Shutdown Will Turn Off These Six Fountains (and Dozens More)

If the federal government shuts down at 12:01 a.m.—as now seems very, very likely—many features of D.C.'s streetscape will look a little different by the time residents used to enjoying them wake up tomorrow morning. One tell-tale sign that the feds are closed for business? D.C.'s fountains, many of which are operated by the federal [...]

Sixth & I to Open Doors to Government Workers Seeking Refuge, Angry Ping-Pong, and West Wing Reruns

Sixth & I Historic Synagogue is opening up a shutdown shelter for federal government refugees Tuesday.
Any employee affected by the near-certain shutdown, or anyone else who just needs a place to hang out "during this period of uncertainty," should go to the synagogue's "Shutdown Central" every weekday starting at 10 a.m. until Congress reaches an [...]

Tourists Try to Cram in as Many Museums as Possible Before Government Shuts Down

The countdown to doom started Monday on the National Mall as tourists scrambled to jam in as many Smithsonian museums as they could before the almost certain government shutdown Tuesday that would close all of the federally funded museums.
"I've waited all my life and wasted all my money to get here," said Kayla Martin, 65, [...]

It’s Official: Panda Cam Will Not Survive Government Shutdown

Nothing is safe during a government shutdown. Nothing.
The National Zoo said today that, if Congress doesn't pass legislation to fund the federal government in the fiscal year that starts tomorrow, the nation's beloved Giant Panda Cam would definitely not operate.
@minilauren Yes, during a #shutdown, even the panda cam won't be broadcasting online.
— National Zoo (@NationalZoo) [...]

Metro Not Going Anywhere During a Shutdown

Metrorail and Metrobus services would run as normal during a federal government shutdown, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has announced. According to an advisory, if a shutdown lasts several days and results in significantly lower ridership, the agency, which is not federally operated, may make adjustments to "right size" capacity.
If Congress doesn't make a budget [...]

District Line Daily: Millions Dollar Shutdown

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Local economists project that under a shutdown the Washington area could lose more than $200 million [...]

Some Cab Drivers May Be Granted a Third Extension to Install Credit Card Readers

Rounds 1, 2, and now 3 go to the cabbies.
The D.C. Taxicab Commission announced this afternoon that it would consider on a case-by-case basis whether a cab driver was "unfairly denied" the opportunity to install an electronic credit card payment system by the Sept. 30 deadline.
Though the commission's press release clearly stated that this was [...]

The Needle: All My Single Fellas

D.C. Sex Appeal: Voting is open for Inside Edition's D.C. hottest bachelor contest. Check out the hunks here, and may we encourage a vote for D.C. media man Russ Ptacek, whom City Paper already officially dubbed D.C.'s "most excitable local newsman." +3
Sealed: The Georgetown University seal that determines who will and won't graduate has been inexplicably painted over ahead [...]

Firecracker Thrower’s Beef With the White House: “I Guess the Intelligence Community”

After a long train ride from Wisconsin, Alexander Sahagian spent his first night in D.C. sitting on a park bench. He spent his second night in the D.C. Jail.
Sahagian, 52, is due back in court early next month after being arrested on charges of throwing stones or missiles, fireworks discharge, and disorderly conduct following his alleged throwing of [...]

Dupont Residents Rally Against Serial Car Bandit

"If you ever have seen broken car glass in your hoods, Mr. Gregory Teal is more than likely the person that committed the crime."
That's what MPD's Second District Commander Michael Reese wrote in an email to Dupont Circle residents this July. Teal had just been arrested for the 43rd time for "theft from auto."
Typically Teal's [...]

Poll: A Big Majority of Americans Don’t Want D.C. to Be a State

OK, D.C. It looks like it's us against the rest of the country.
Only 25 percent of Americans think D.C. should become a state, according to a poll released today from right-leaning polling firm Rasmussen Reports. The question, however, was a bit leading, potentially skewing answers a bit: "The U.S. Constitution designates the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., as [...]

Wizards Power Forward Loses His Snake

Adams Morgan, beware: Wizards power forward Kevin Seraphin has lost his snake.
In an interview with Monumental Network reporter Casey Phillips on Friday afternoon, the 6-foot-9 Seraphin revealed that his famous pet snake—appropriately named "Snakey"—is now slithering free, be it in Seraphin's Adams Morgan neighborhood or beyond.