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D.C. Office Of Human Rights Launches Campaign to Combat Discrimination Against Immigrants


Your morning commute is about to get a new, do-goody backdrop.

The District's Office Of Human Rights is launching its annual campaign today, and this year it's focused on highlighting the contributions of immigrants in D.C. Posters for the Immigrants Contribute campaign will be plastered on buses, in the Metrorail system, and in local newspapers.  Eight different ads will be running, each featuring an immigrant in the District briefly telling his or her story.

The idea of the campaign is not to advocate for any immigration policy, but rather to combat discrimination against immigrants, according to Elliot Imse, a policy and public affairs officer at OHR. "Immigrants face many challenges, but discrimination should never be one of them," the ads read.

OHR is tasked with eliminating discrimination in the District. Last year its campaign focused on transgender rights.

Here are a couple more of the ads:





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  • Typical DC BS

    I love LEGAL immigrants.

  • Dno

    Is discrimination against immigrants pervasive in the District? Most people I know here appreciate the contribution immigrants make to our society (though the same cannot be said nationally).

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