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Howard Kurtz Evokes Sympathy for Sally Quinn

The Germans must have a lengthy word for the emotional sensation, on account of a Howard Kurtz post, of being made to feel sympathy for Sally Quinn. (Think schadenfreude, but without all the righteous pleasure.)

Kurtz, in a rather Howard Kurtzian fashion, today wrote a mind-boggling article for his new employer Fox News attacking Quinn's daughter-in-law, Pari Bradlee, for what he deemed her "R-rated" Facebook pictures. Quinn is married to former Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee. Pari, who is married to Quinn and Bradlee's son, is a yoga and fitness instructor, not a public figure.

"Her new profile picture, in a Swiss-cheese bra that leaves little to the imagination and long black leather sleeves and briefs, is so revealing that it drew a torrent of breathless comments. In another just-posted photo she is nude, shot from the back, twisting one arm behind her," writes Kurtz, a former Post media critic who recently left CNN not long after being fired from his correction-riddled stint at Newsweek/Daily Beast.

Kurtz then turns philosophical, chewing on What This All Says about Pari Bradlee.

"From one perspective, Pari Bradlee's provocative poses might be viewed as a quick way to grab attention, especially in contrast to Washington's buttoned-down culture. " (Meanwhile, in an earlier post today, Kurtz pondered why the media has "gorged" on Miley Cyrus' scantily clad performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.)

Now Quinn, a longtime Post staffer, On Faith editor, and social etiquette expert, wasn't too happy about all this, telling Media Matters, "I thought Howard was a decent guy, I thought he was my friend and I'm appalled and really heartbroken that he would do something like this. Why would you want to hurt somebody?"

So, for not the first time we ask, "Why, Howie, Why?"

And in case you were curious, below is Howard Kurtz's A+ Facebook profile picture.


Sally Quinn photo by Financial Times photos via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Don

    This somewhat makes up for the fact that I'll never get to see Hitler and Mussolini in a cage fight

  • Jane

    I'm sorry for Sally Quinn. I need to wash this feeling off of me.

  • cminus

    "I thought Howard was a decent guy".

    If Sally Quinn really thought that, she's probably too stupid to be helped. Shame that her daughter-in-law got dragged into this, though; a fight between Sally Quinn and Howard Kurtz leaves me rooting for career-ending injuries, but Pari Bradlee did nothing to deserve Kurtz's sleazy attention.

  • DCA

    Sally Quinn is the last person in Washington who should be asking "Why would you want to hurt somebody?"

  • Bethesda Dunn Loring

    This is a joke right? Sally Quinn saying she thought she had a friend never happened, right? Quinn has done more damage to our community then can be adequately understood. Quinn has no friends and just wait '"til Benny dies to see that play out, unless he offs her first. The Post and by extension the intellectual standards of our media started going downhill the first time Quinn slithered down under Ben Bradlee's desk. Recent photos would suggest that there is justice in the world. It appears that some cut-rate plastic surgeon has revealed the grotesquorie that is Sally Quinn, party girl with pretensions.

  • Fabrisse

    I feel sorry for Pari Bradlee, not Sally Quinn. Even as a ten year old, when I started reading The Washington Post, I recognized that what Quinn did wasn't journalism.