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The Needle: The Bike Path Not Taken

Busboys & PoliticsThe founder of Busboys & Poets may be considering a mayoral run. If he wins, this can only mean free and great catering at all bureaucratic events. +4

Bounty-ful Arrests: It turns out the mass arrests in the District in 2002 at protests against the IMF and World Bank have cost the city $2.6 million in legal fees. -2

The Path Not Taken: The planned M Street cycletrack will lose a block of its protected bike lane after a church protested that it did not want to lose its parking spots, setting a dangerous precedent for future bike lanes in the District. -3

UFO Sightings: According to a press release from the group D.C. For Reasonable Development, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich expressed his opposition to changing the Height Act at a recent public meeting. Since  Kucinich no longer holds elected office, this is a wash. +/-0

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  • Peppy

    Great catering? The food at Busboys is vile and at Eatonville it is worse.

  • noodlez