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The Washington Post Company Is Dead. Long Live…

Once it closes the sale of its newspaper division to Jeff Bezos, The Washington Post Company will have 60 days to rename itself. Good thing, too: You wouldn’t want consumers confusing one of America’s papers of record with a company specializing in for-profit education and industrial boilers.

Post Company CEO Don Graham could easily drop a small fortune on branding consultants to help him rename his family firm. Since we’re worried about the guy, we took on the task for him, and asked our readers to help us rename the Washington Post Company. Bonus: We drew up some potential logos, too.

Illustrations by Jandos Rothstein

The Post-Post Co.


KayDon Industrial Boilers and Palliative Care, Inc.


Graham's Crackers (and The Root)


Richard Cohen Doesn't Work Here Anymore Inc.


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  • Craig Howeell

    Post Toasties.

  • zzz

    It would be very surprising if the new name doesn't include Kaplan, the company's biggest, best-known (after the Post), most profitable and least likely to be sold-off unit. My money is on Kaplan Corp.

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