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The Needle: Squawkin’ Hawkins Edition

Judging Adam: A D.C. judge is considering a motion to release the perpetually under arrest Adam Kokesh, who was last put in the slammer after he video taped himself for a July 4th stunt loading a shotgun in the Freedom Plaza. (-3)

Prison Pals: Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will learn his fate tomorrow for misusing public funds, and if he gets time, as he is expected to, the Post's Mike DeBonis notes he will likely be in the same Alabama federal prison as our very own Harry Thomas Jr. (+2)

Squawkin' Hawkins: Mayor Vince Gray's close pal Vernon Hawkins pleaded guilty today for lying to police in the probe into the mayor's campaign finances. (+2)

More B-More? The cover of the Baltimore Sun's weekly magazine, b, this week is "100 Reasons Baltimore Is Better Than D.C." City pride is great, admirable even, but 100? That's digging pretty deep. -1

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  • Asuka

    It's sort of astounding that this stuff is still going on post-Heller. Guns (particularly shot guns and assault rifles) are not the problem, and those who seek to do away with the 2nd Amendment aren't thinking rationally. Study after study after study has shown that gun control - no matter how draconian - simply doesn't work, and its only accomplishment is to tip the balance of power in favor criminals. Liberal or conservative, everyone should defend the Bill of Rights and consider an attack on one of those Amendments an attack on all of them. Barbusin, just like Adam Kokesh, is a victim of an oppressive and contemptible policy that is as immoral as it is irrational, and the social activists who pass for contemporary journalists are collectively at fault for allowing their intellectual dishonesty to color their reporting on this issue. But hey, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert say guns are bad, and I mean, they are kind of scary looking, so who are you to disagree, right? Its much better to let celebrities do your thinking for you.