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The Needle: Parking Jamz

Parking Jamz: District residents living in the most impossible-to-find-parking areas of the city will soon be able to apply for free visitor parking spots. Residents living in areas that require a permit to park on the street will be eligible to request a free visitor's pass under the new program, according to the Post. +2

DC Taps Virginia’s Keg: In keeping with the spirit of Beer Week, Falls Church’s  Mad Fox Brewing Company announced today that it will open a taproom in Glover Park next year. +3

Silent Shades of Gray: Vernon Hawkins, a close friend of Mayor Vince Gray's, is expected to plead guilty tomorrow for lying to federal investigators, and the mayor is staying mum on the matter. -1

We’re Turning Japanese: The District has snagged Otakan, the Japanese and East Asian anime and culture convention, away from Baltimore—the host of the annual event for the past 14 years. The event attracted 34,000 visitors this year and is good news for D.C.'s convention center, which has been trying to attract high-trafficked events. D.C. is expected to host the event for at least four or five years starting in 2017.  -3

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  • Roberto Gato Echanique

    Hold your hentai a minute. Why is Otakon coming to DC a -3?

    It's good business for artists who sell their cartoony wares at the convention to fans of those cartoons - artists like my wife and I, and our artist friends, all small business owners (we're job creators too).

    It's good business for the hotels and restaurants that will have to feed and house the ninjas and robots and pirates and aliens and yes, bronies.

    It's good for the community to be exposed to the diversity of racial, gender and culture combinations only limited by the imagination. Not everything is Japanese! One of my favorite new animes is very European, minus the giant man-eating Titans...

    It's gonna be sweet.

  • Evan

    Wait, why is hosting Otakon a negative?

  • Greg

    Such lovely anti-geek bias.

  • Widness

    I support the -3. DC shouldn't be stealing things from Baltimore. Plus the convention center seems like a particularly lame venue, although not as lame as National Harbor.