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Help Rename the Washington Post Company

Rename the Washington Post Company

The Washington Post Company sold Newsweek in 2010. But don't tell that to the Post Co.'s TV broadcasting group, which three years later is still known as Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc.

Which might be why the company's agreement to sell the Washington Post and other newspapers to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos includes this line: "The Company will change its corporate name within 60 days following the closing." Otherwise, there's no telling how long the Post-less Washington Post Company would have kept calling itself that!

We at Washington City Paper may not have the most creative name in local media (it's a city, we're a paper for it). But we imagine everyone around the corner at 15th and L streets NW is working on bigger things than finding a new name. So we thought we'd solicit help for the Post Co. from you. Leave your suggested new names for the Post Co. below, and we'll run the best ones. Post employees: Don't worry, all submissions will be anonymous.

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  • John Boynton

    Memory Bubble sometime in the early 90's WCP did a feature article on the mysterious death of a self-styled investigative reporter in Winchester VA (?) who claimed to have uncovered a massive surveilance program which he called "The Octopus" The then assumption was that he had stitched together a few facts and then used them to conjecture a paranoid fantasy of a clandestine multi-agency secret cabal. Look in the morgue (so to speak)

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  • Vinod

    Jeff Bezo should not only rename the company but also the newspaper. The name should be generic enough to symbolize USA but also carry the world behind it...Some of the names should inspire Jeff would be - "the times", "USA today"...