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Woman Arrested in National Cathedral Green Paint Splattering

National CathederalJust a few hours after green paint was discovered splattered in the National Cathedral, police have arrested a woman in connection with the incident. The AP reports that the woman was taken into custody in the area of the cathedral and will likely face destruction of property charges.

Whether the cathedral paint job, which damaged a pipe organ in the Bethlehem Chapel, is related to two previous green paint splatterings remains to be seen. On Friday, U.S. Park Police discovered green paint slashed across part of the Lincoln Memorial, and the Joseph Henry statue in front of the Smithsonian Castle was also found vandalized with green paint. Several calls to Park Police went unreturned.


Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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    $10 says she has mental health issues.

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    No fixed address?

    It's amazing how quick some folks who comment on this site are to blame radical islam for america's failure to address mental health issues in its own society.

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