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The Needle: Sharknado Re-Up Edition

NEA, A-OK: According to this weirdly thin WAMU report, some number of unnamed Congressional Republicans want to make significant cuts to the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Smithsonian, the National Gallery of Art, and the Kennedy Center. Since conservative Republicans make these kinds of threats, well, all the time, this gets the obligatory negative Needle points, but just a couple. -2

Preseason Blues: The season hasn't even started, but Pigskins defensive end Jarvis Jenkins has been suspended for four games for testing positive to a substance banned by the NFL. Which isn't quite enough to make one cry, but I needed a segue in order to link to this video. -2

Speak Softly: Mayor Vince Gray has irritated activists who say he broke the law by scolding a store clerk who indicated he does not speak English well. -2

Stormy Weather: A handful of movie theaters in Maryland and Virginia will host screenings of the highly acclaimed metaphysical drama Sharknado, the latest film to win six Oscars and a Palme D'Or. -1

Yesterday's Needle rating: 59 Today's score: -7 Weekend bonus: +2  Today's Needle rating: 54

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  • John Smith

    I can understand cutting money for the NEA and the NGA. Look at the garbage the NEA gave money to over the years.

  • Big Time

    Considering that the Federal Gov't spends 10 billion or more each day, yet borrows 4.8 billion of that PER DAY, we should be very glad if that's the only things that get cut. Sometimes SOMEbody has to stand up and be the adult in the room. If debt and money printing isn't an issue, then why don't we just print up 500 trillion dollars and not have to pay taxes? (answer: because nobody wants a 1 million dollar loaf of bread)