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Perry Stein Will Run City Desk

Perry Stein Hired by Washington City Paper

Good news, readers: This blog will soon become much more active.

Washington City Paper has hired Perry Stein, who's now a D.C.-based reporter at Talking Points Memo, to take charge of City Desk and write longer news and feature pieces, starting Aug. 12.

She's covered South Florida for her hometown Miami Herald, written for the Wall Street Journal, and worked here in the District for the New Republic, where she wrote about everything from Virginia voter ID laws to the international political implications of Canadian workouts. She's also covered local D.C. news for NBC4, writing morning news roundups and helping keep their blogs lively. As you probably know, our previous City Desk writer, Will Sommer, is now our Loose Lips reporter.

Here's what I told City Paper staffers in a memo announcing Stein's arrival:

She's a smart writer with a real passion for covering local news—a passion which, as we all know, is sometimes a little rare in This Town®, but which as we also all know, is amply rewarded here for those of us who share it. She'll pick up the entertaining and informative hodgepodge that Will Sommer made City Desk—coverage of Uber, bro culture, weird lawsuits, cops, animals, etc.—and add to it other subjects where her sharp reporting skills lead her.

You can also find her on Twitter at @PerryStein. Feel free to send her news tips and story ideas starting now.

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  • Will

    Excellent Hire! One of the most talented young journalists I've come across.

  • 20011

    But the important question: Did she attend Georgetown?

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  • j s johnson

    re: redskins has anyone asked native Americans how they feel about this? i have. i work w/one. she said indians,braves & redskins don't bother her. they honor them

    try talking to someone besides white peopls