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Rusty the Red Panda Has Been Caught in Adams Morgan

Rusty, the red panda who was reported missing from the National Zoo this afternoon, has been caught.

City Paper intern Dan Singer reports from the scene at the 1900 block of Biltmore Street NW that Rusty has been found by employees of the National Zoo, the Humane Society, and the Metropolitan Police Department and is now en route back to the zoo. (The zoo confirmed the news on Twitter.)

Singer says Rusty appeared to be in a tree close to a rowhouse's roof. Rusty was caught in a net before being placed in a crate.

Photos by Dan Singer

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    What about all the credit card debt that Rusty racked up in his hours of freedom? Will the zoo cover that too?

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    Really, it's all quite simple -- Rusty just wanted to hang out overnight in Adams Morgan, and had trouble finding his way back home to the zoo. My only question is, was he able to get into any of the bars or clubs, given that he's underage?

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    You might flee too if you were less than one year old and moved from your home town to be forced into an arranged marriage!

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