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Logan Circle Robbery Video Taken Off YouTube

The YouTube clip of a Logan Circle robbery that we've all been gawking at this week has been taken down. The Metropolitan Police Department had posted the security camera footage of two men being robbed while they dined al fresco at Pizzoli's Pizzeria on 12th Street NW on its YouTube channel, racking up more than 24,000 views and netting a barrage of tweets, scattered local news coverage—and a quirky A1 story in the Washington Post.

Now the video's been set to private, though not because of the racist comments some viewers had left. According to Kevin Palmer, MPD's manager of internal communications and the staffer responsible for its YouTube channel, the department took down the video because of a "development" in the case. Another MPD spokesman, though, says there has been no arrest made.

Palmer wasn't interested in discussing the video's virality, but given the strangeness of the robbery, it's not too surprising: In the video, a robber appears to casually start a conversation with two men sitting at a table before he abruptly whips out a gun.

One of the men, a 23-year-old accountant, then offers the thief a bite of his pizza.

The Post reported that the accountant’s offer wasn't out of courtesy: He used the plate to hide his iPhone. He then (successfully) asked the robber to return his driver’s license. (Unfortunately for Pizzoli’s Pizzeria, the man also told the Post that their gyros were “average.”)

Of course, not every video posted by MPD goes viral. Take, for example, the other 126 videos on the department's YouTube channel. The videos average about 300 views—but they also don't involve white people being held up in Logan Circle. Most of the time, violence in the District doesn't cause much of a stir. When it hits Logan Circle, it causes a minor media circus.

If you want to get outraged about another crime, here are a handful of the videos posted by MPD in the last year that didn't go viral:

A burglary at 1408 Monroe St. NE

A McDonald's armed robbery at 1500 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

A 7-11 armed robbery at 1927 Rhode Island Ave. NE

Robbery: force and violence at 1800 M St. NW

Homicide suspects

Video still via FOX5

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  • Kevin

    "The videos average about 300 views—but they also don't involve white people being held up in Logan Circle."

    Why the obsession with the race angle, Cara Newlon? I would argue that this would still be a big local story if those were two black residents who got robbed. What makes the story unique is people getting robbed while dining...and in Logan Circle.

  • D

    Right, you're searching for a race angle and the neighborhood is irrelevant. A lot of Logan crime goes unnoticed and, similarly, two of the unnoticed videos you posted occurred around (gasp) there goes that theory. The story is interesting because of how the robbery went down and the victims' amusing take on it as reported by the Post. Next time, get that scoop.

  • Loganite

    To say that the food at Pizzoli's is average is to compliment it. Too bad too because there was some enthusiasm when they!