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Taxi Fares Go Up Today, Sort Of

Starting today, the minimum price of a D.C. cab ride goes up from $3 to $3.25. But there's a catch.

In order to charge the additional 25 cents, drivers need to get the long-awaited credit card machines installed in their cabs. The drivers have until August 31 to get the machines. From now until the end of August, then, the price of your cab trip will vary a little based on whether the car has complied yet with the new requirement.

Neville Waters, a spokesman for the D.C. Taxicab Commission, says there's evidence that the extra 25 cents is inspiring cars to start accepting credit cards before the deadline. One cab fleet, for example, is trying to get a 400 taxis serviced with the new machines this week. "The sooner they can get that installed, the sooner they can get the additional 25 cents," Waters says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Ward One Resident

    Right...because this isn't going to cause troubles. Sigh...

  • Joe C

    Will they still be able to charge the 25¢ when the credit card machines are installed but are all "not working today"?

  • a change gon’ come

    Okay...they got a giant raise last year, supposedly as incentive to put in these machines. Now another .25 cents per ride, whether you, the passenger, are using the credit card machine or not.

    Then, the cab I was in yesterday had one of the machines, with a hand-lettered sign taped to it indicating a $2.50 surcharge for using a credit card. So if I don't use the machine, it's an extra .25 for me; if I do, it's an extra $2.75. Plus the giant raise last year.

    DC taxis are the ones who are making Uber more competitive. Soon they'll be neck and neck for pricing, and guess which is the better service?