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WMATA Employee Arrested for Stealing $18,000 of Defibrillators

The Metro Transit Police have arrested a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Employee for alleged theft of Metro equipment. The stolen goods? Thirteen defibrillators, worth a total of approximately $18,000.

According to a press release just sent out by WMATA, the employee, 40-year-old Derrick Davis of Laurel, Md., was charged yesterday in Prince George's County District Court with "Theft Over $1000." Davis, who worked on Metrorail maintenance, allegedly sold his stolen merchandise on online auction sites—and was caught in an undercover sting.

"Following a multi-month investigation, undercover Transit Police detectives contacted Davis through eBay to attempt to purchase an [automatic external defibrillator]," WMATA reports. "An undercover [Metropolitan Transit Police] detective, posing as a potential buyer, arranged to purchase the device for $300 cash Wednesday evening at a local convenience store. Once the transaction was made, detectives confirmed that the AED was stolen Metro property and took Davis into custody without incident."

According to WMATA, Davis admitted after his arrest that he'd stolen the defibrillators from Metro facilities. He's in jail pending a bail hearing.

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  • 20011

    What a fucking asshole, but not too surprising. Because the ATU has WMATA by the balls, this piece of shit will be back on the force soon to terrorize riders and society.

  • B

    Lmao! I work with this asshole. I had an altercation with him over the Trayvon Martin case. He proceeded to tell me that we (white folks) stereotype and racism is alive and well. Thanks for proving that stereotypes exist for a reason.