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Uber Fight Will Turn Millenials Into Republicans, or at Least This Guy Thinks So

The news of yet another regulatory fight over once-and-future controversial sedan service Uber has provoked eye-rolls and, from Mayor Vince Gray's chief of staff, moaning about "the Uber zombie hordes." But not everyone is so blasé about capitalism! American Conservative Union Executive Director Gregg Keller thinks that Uber's Washington woes could help Republicans win over young people.

Young people love their iPhones, Keller reasons, so they must love Uber as well. If only these Democrats would get out of the way:

Enter the D.C. City Council, that hotbed of liberalism. Last week the Council voted to, in effect, kill Uber in Washington, D.C. in an attempt to protect the powerful taxi cab lobby from pesky competition. Here we see machine politics at its worst: a Democrat-controlled body using the levers of government to quash the competitors of one of its political benefactors.

Of course, this latest round of regulations over taxi payments was proposed by the D.C. Taxicab Commission, not the D.C. Council, and it would affect Uber's taxi service, not the sedan service Keller is writing about.

Factual errors aside, Keller thinks things are looking up for the GOP's chances with the smartphone set. "If the implications of that conflict are inconvenient to Millennials, it should be cause for some political optimism among conservatives," he writes.

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  • Jordan

    maybe if millennials weren't as media savvy as we are... We know the GOP's focus grouped talking points and their actions are worlds apart. Neither party is doing a good job of convincing me that our government is anything more then a lapdog for profit motive. At least with demos our gay brothers and sisters are treated like human beings.