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Metro Not Infatuated With Parody “Hot Cars” Dating Site

"Metro HotCars is here to turn up the heat on your love life," reads the website for Metro HotCars, a new dating site that purports to be from the transit agency. "Seeking that special someone to share a SmartBenefits card with?"

It looks legit—it has the same logo and website footer as Metro's site. But Metro HotCars, named after the nickname for Metro cars without air conditioning in the summer, is actually the parody creation of designer Kyle Conrad.

Conrad's mock dating turns the transit system's flaws into romantic opportunities. Unreliable train schedules translate to more time to make a move, while broken escalators make would-be Casanovas sweatier.

Conrad, an Arlington resident, was inspired by Metro critics like @unsuckdcmetro talking about hot cars. "I just thought it sounded like a bad dating site," Conrad writes in an email.

While Conrad's site has been a hit on Twitter, Metro isn't thrilled. "We are reviewing our legal options," Metro spokesman Dan Stessel writes in an email.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • Metro sucks

    Metro you are awful...why don't you review how to not suck so hard instead of worrying about this website

  • dcn8v

    Kyle Conrad, you're my hero.


    metro needs better PR people. Instead of addressing issues that concern riders, theyre really going to go after a parody site?

  • Joe Corbett

    "reviewing our legal options". And that folks is how you know your campaign was very successful!

  • Tom M

    Wow. Metro couldn't police the unethical practices of its own Board Member (Graham), but has the attention span and budget to pursue legal action against a parody site. Good commitment of public funds, jerks.

  • Dad

    It's the first positive, fun coverage WMATA has had in years. They should turn this to their advantage instead of making asses of themselves... again!

  • Bo

    It says Copyright Metro 2013 at the bottom, so yeah, that seems problematically legally. Clearly a joke, but I can see some of our less attuned citizens think it's real with all the logos and such. Cue UnsuckDCMetro outrage for metro spending money on a dating site.

  • joan

    i wouldn't mind being trapped in a hot car with Dan Stessel

  • Koji

    @ Bo --> Metro is a generic term that can be applied to half the world's transit agencies, so WMATA holds no copyright holds on the term anymore than McDonald's can claim to hold a copyright on Mc. (They've tried to sue people and company's with Mc in their name and have failed every singe time)

  • Afro sheen

    @ koji That didn't stop them from going after McDowell's back in the day.