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The Needle: Swagger-Jackers Jacked

The Doughnut Hole: You would think that the pastry fans behind Zeke's DC Donuts—formerly, and controversially, Cool "Disco" Donut—were in the clear, karmically, after they changed their store's name. And yet...-2

Philly Phanatics: Forget that Craigslist wedding date—too saccharine! Washington's true Craigslist relationship is this one, based around Phillies fandom, Nationals hatred, and "Philadelphia sports douchebaggery." +1

Ice Cream Versus Barbeque: Glover Park's Rocklands Barbeque was hit with either an egg or a handful of oatmeal recently—and not because of its disappointing cuisine! -2

Pay Up: Washington leads the country in student loan debt concentration. -1

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  1. #1

    "Cool Disco Donuts" was a great name that they should have kept. About five people in this city of transplants would have cared (why do they care again? Because a local small business is paying homage to a local celebrity? What an awful thing to do), and no one who lives in the neighborhood would have thought twice about it. The new name is terrible.

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