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Organizer’s Arrest at Pot Rally Won’t Stop D.C. Gun March

Good news for the libertarian- or mischief-minded: The July 4 armed march on D.C. that has become a call for city-wide civil disobedience is still on. That's despite the arrest of march organizer Adam Kokesh in Philadelphia at a marijuana legalization rally over the weekend.

On his Facebook page, where the graphic at left appeared, Kokesh's supporters claimed that the talk show host hadn't been smoking marijuana or breaking any other laws when he was arrested.

Kokesh's arrest has prompted discussion, both on the D.C. march's Facebook page and elsewhere, that Kokesh was arrested for planning the march. "Has Adam Kokesh been kidnapped by the feds?" one Washington Times contributor wondered.

But even the fever dream federal disappearing of Kokesh won't stop the gun march, according to supporters."THIS MARCH WILL GO ON NO MATTER WHO HAS TO LEAD IT!!" declared whoever operates Kokesh's Facebook account while he's in jail.

Before his arrest, Kokesh was been nailing down the logistics of an armed march on the city. Last week, a Kokesh assured supporters that carrying a gun on the Metro in Virginia is, in fact, legal. In the District, of course, Kokesh and his fans will face a different situation. Meanwhile, gun fans who have trouble getting to the march and don't want to use Metro can sign up to carpool.


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  • Northwesterner

    Of course this is going to stop his gun march. It was never going to happen to begin with and now that he got busted, well, it's not going to happen at all.

    See, here's my hypothesis- what if it was all a bullsh*t story that was never true to begin with?

  • Ward-8

    What do you expect from a doomsday, conspiracy theorist who received less than an Honorable discharge from the Military and is as dumb and ignorant as those low information folks who fall in line to support Him. His proposed actions is call civil disobedience and borderline treason against American,there is a sure fire way to handle treason and I doubt he will be missed!

  • michelle jones

    Many whites say big and bad things but they were never going to march with loaded guns. They know that white law enforcement would beat them like no tomorrow.

    I could be wrong though. Let's wait and see what happens!
    This is gonna be interesting.

    All this for dope and guns when there are too many people who are dying from starvation and homelessness in DC!

  • Robert Viliborghi

    Adam Kokesh, The march thing will never work the man would never allow this and would sabotage event on all levels. disellusioned by seeing the reality lnside military inlistment is not uncommon and understandable. In my openion A "Less" than honerable discharge has alot more honor than remaining in service and continuing to support something, after learning the hard way the required participation in horrific atrosities for inconceiveable reasons in obsurd conflict with your list of reasons to serve your country. Unfortunately Michelle Obama"s first proud American experience marks my most shameful day to be American.Most Americans cant even face the truth of the lie we all defend, the information is all accessable,takes little more effort than accepting the mainstream broadcast , If Americans can still read. your unshakeable trance of comatose state will not releive your responsibility for or from the effects of the conceqenses.