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D.C.-Area Twitter Users More Bigoted Than National Average

Heat map of racial slurs

A group of academics and Humboldt State students have produced a heat map of which U.S. cities use slurs most on Twitter, and there's bad news and good news for Washington. The bad: Washington-area residents send more bigoted tweets per capita than the study's average. The good: Those tweeters are only slightly more bigoted.

Take the above map of racial slurs, which shows a lightly blue Washington. (Meanwhile, what's Charlottesville's problem?) Or the map below, showing homophobic slurs:

Heat map of homophobic slurs

Student researchers went through the tweets to eliminate "positive" uses of the slurs, according to the academics blogging at Floating Sheep.

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  • noodlez



  • DCisMe

    Is "redskins" considered a slur? Because in that case...

  • IMGoph

    I'm not sure why you're focusing on the whole area. If their methodology is sound, it would appear the biggest problem in the metro area is in Prince William County/Manassas.

  • werq

    since it doesn't qualify the origins of the specific words it is fairly irrelevant. by the map dc is only bigoted by the use of the word "nigger". We also have a huge density of African Americans that self refer that way, so no surprise ( or bigotry there)

  • Will Sommer

    Werq, the students working on the project went through the tweets and eliminated positive or "reclaiming" uses of the word. On the Floating Sheep blog, they use the example of a lesbian group called Dykes on Bikes as the kind of thing that wouldn't be included in the analysis.

  • werq

    thanks for the clarification! sorry, i didn't read the last line in the article.

  • Angelina

    I'm not surprised, just look at all the mean-spirited comments people still post about Marion Barry including you, City Paper!

    Somehow anything negative get linked to him, and you can't seem to let it go. There are even comments from new-comers to DC who know nothing other than his arrest(which was a set-up). Surely, CP is aware of all the many resources made available to seniors while he was Mayor? And how about the summer jobs program, which is still in place since the 1980's? OH NO, you don't dare write about those things. Well don't worry your pretty little chicken heads because we know the truth and that's why we keep voting him back into office.

    That's my 2½ cents, so SHUT up and leave him alone!

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    I am not surprised by this study. All you have to do is read the Prince of Petworth blog daily and read the racist comments on there from white hipsters.