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The Needle: That Food Truck is a Terrorist

Hell on Wheels: Washington Times contributor George Farrell is concerned that Washington's food trucks could be turned into weapons for terrorists. "The propane tanks inside food trucks could easily become explosive devices," Farrell writes. So far, no cause for alarm: The mayor's office tells DCist that the federal government hasn't briefed officials on food trucks as terrorist threat. +1

Blue Streak: Metro's bus rapid transit project in Crystal City will have a blue paint job. +1

Eats vs. Beats: Has food replaced music as the sensual experience of our times? Perhaps! -3

The Liddicoat-RGIIIs: The mother of Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III says he'll marry fiancee Rebecca Liddicoat this summer. +1

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  • Common_Sense

    George Farrell needs to shut up and hide under his bed. Wait until he realizes all those taxis are really rolling gasoline bombs waiting for a terrorist to light.