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Gun March Organizer Now Calling for Citywide Civil Disobedience

The July 4 armed march on Washington just got a little more interesting. A day after telling City Desk that he would still try to enter Washington with a loaded gun, rally organizer Adam Kokesh changed tactics. Now, he wants citywide civil disobedience over whatever law participants consider unconstitutional.

"This is now a call for mass civil disobedience on July 4th anywhere in Washington, DC," Kokesh writes on his march's Facebook event page. "Break whatever unconstitutional law you choose."

Kokesh declined to comment on the move, promising a full announcement next year. But the shift to a citywide strategy seems to be a response to D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier making it clear that marchers would be stopped at the bridge. Instead, Kokesh promises, "we will shut them down by overwhelming them."

Meanwhile, another group of libertarians has promised to march downtown the day before Kokesh's rally with toy guns.

Readers: What unconstitutional law will you choose to break for Washington's version of Devil's Night?

Photo by Adam Kokesh used under a Creative Commons license

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  • Connie


  • Bossi
  • boozehound

    I'd like to violate the second amendment and take this fucktard's weapons away from him .

  • Cam

    Fine, marriage being legal for gays in one state but not in another is a complete breach of the full faith and credit clause of the constitution....

    Oh but wait, that's right, these guys seem to forget about any other sections of the Constitution outside the 2nd Amendment.

  • Kurt

    Gee, I think the law all of us DC folks should break is that we should go out and vote for a member of the House and Senate.

  • IAmNotALiberalDemocrat

    I haven't heard anything from Adam Kokesh in a long time. I use to watch his internet show. Law abiding U.S. citizens have a right to protect themselves and this is coming from a Negro, colored, black, or African American man. I don't know what the polical correct name to refer to someone black or brown like me. Thugs pillage and terrorize many D.C. neighborhoods by robbing, raping, assualting, and killing innocent people. MPD can't protect us and a few police officers are corrupt themselves. I should be able to own a handgun and carry it on myself on the streets of the District of Columbia and in my home.

    Ward 4 D.C. Resident

  • dettrick

    You know there is a problem in the US when people are looked down upon for breaking laws that should be void anyway, "unconstitutional laws", and even sadder is that you need to tell people to break such laws.

  • Stills

    Cool. As long as I think a law is unconstitutional, I can break it with moral impunity!

    These people have a doctrine that's a weird, unintelligible mix between civil war nullification and a misreading of civil rights ethics.

  • beck

    Stills, don't you have a mind of your own? Can't you make mature, reasonable decisions. Quite obviously the 2nd amendment is not respected in DC. That's one unconstitutional piece of legislation. Here's another one: protests are not allowed to exercise their 1st Amendment right around government officials under the protection of the Secret Service. Yes, that's right, it's against the law to protest in front of Obama. If you dig deeper you'll find plenty of unconstitutional legislation in DC and around the US.

  • Jim Ed

    You know what else the founding fathers never mentioned? Speed limits or vehicular homicide.

    So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to blow through some red lights and plow down school children in a crosswalk, because LIBERTY!

  • Anna Costia

    I'm with Kurt. How about we not pay federal taxes and install a STATE government in DC, complete with 2 senators and 2 representatives in Congress?? We can also overturn any laws that were imposed on us by the Congress where we lack representation. That's a tall order for one day, I guess.

  • Sean Greene

    I'd prefer people outside of DC allow residents to make their own decisions as full voting empowered citizens of this country. So I'd like to get voting rights!

  • Typical DC BS

    boozehound = idiot.

  • EP Sato

    Anarchy day in DC? Wow, I've never rooted for the cops before. But I hope the police clamp down on this hard. I'm sick of out of state jerks deciding what they think is best for DC.

    The SMithsonian, the Capitol, the White House, Archives, federal buildings, the Mall, the parts of DC that DC residents rarely visit, THOSE are the parts of DC that are for everyone. The rest of the city is ours, the hard working tax paying residents of DC. We elect our Council and Mayor and THEY decide what's best for our city.

    Not a bunch of redneck yahoos from out of state, not a bunch of libertarian crazies (who never seem to win ANY elections and who's ideology represents less than 5% of Americans- Who's rights do they think they speak for?) , and not some jackass who posts about revolution on friggin facebook.

    Seriously, I hope these idiots bring their loaded weapons to DC and that they all get arrested.

  • maktoo

    I want to steal their firearms and throw them into the Potomac, if anything goes! WOOHOO!! : D

  • Axiom

    its time to stand up and overwhelm the gate-keepers of our oppression .

  • Daisy Mae

    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Having said that, Adam Kokesh is exactly the WRONG person to represent this issue. Peacecreep leftists who invite Mr. Obama to declare martial law are the LAST thing we need right now, or ever.

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  • Jerry

    I disagree with Adam Kokesh regarding the March on DC on the 4th of July.
    When the British and Colonialist Patriots had the confrontation at Lexington Green,it wasn't the weapons they were after.They had come to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock.Our forefathers refused to let that happen.Because if they permitted that to take place,they would be giving up their Liberty and Freedoms in the face of Tyranny.Adams and Hancock were a thorn in the Crowns side.They were instigators.Today we use the word provacatuars.
    Adams and Hancock were rallying the people to the cause of Liberty and Freedom.They were relentless in hounding the Crown.The Crown needed to shut them up.What the Crown did not count on was resistence.They thought the Patriots were going to bend over and spread their cheeks and hand Adams and Hancock over.
    Well they didn't.They stood up in the face of Tyranny.After the Battle on Lexington Green the Patriots hounded and fought the British on their retreat back to Boston.That was the day the Colonialists came together as one and became a formidable opponent to Tyranny.
    No longer were they groups of resisters scattered across the Country.Patriots from all over the Countryside grabbed their rifles and gathered in Boston to help their Countrymen.And help they bravely did.
    Fast forward to Boston 2013.If Adams and Hancock could have one look at what took place when 5 million Bostonians cowered in their Homes because the government ordered them to,they would be weeping tears of outrage and disgust.
    I'll never forget that photo that showed a Police officer,or Guardsmen pointing a rifle,while sitting in an Armored vehicle at a Citizen looking out his 2nd story Window and hearing on a loudspeaker"Get away from the window." "Stay in your House" "Answer the door when we knock".Countless other photos of people in their own houses with 4 or 5 armed to the teeth Military Policemen hands on the trigger of their "Assault" Weapons.The streets of Watertown,MA looking like the streets of Iraq or any War Zone.To find a 19 year old kid.Then the sheep,when they had permission to leave their own homes,clapped and waved American Flags.Really!.There was nothing American about what took place in Boston and the Streets of Watertown.
    What took place was the confirmation to this Tyrannical Government that Americans can be ordered to Comply with any UNLAWFUL order given by them and carried out by their enforcers.This was not about finding a 19 year old kid.This was all about showing Americans that when Big Brother says jump you say how high.
    This Tyrannical Government has just raised the level of the long train of abuses that it has heaped on We The People.The abuses that Thomas Jefferson spoke about in the Declaration of Independence,which gives the FREE Citizens of America the RIGHT and DUTY to abolish and reset this Tyrannical Government.Changes need to be made in the way this Country is governed.All the Government Agencies that enslave Americans and Increase the Power of the federal Government need to be abolished.
    But first the Citizens of America have to respond to what took place in Boston.We have to show Big Brother that we Control them,not the other way around.You listen to what we say.We will not march to your UNLAWFUL orders anymore.We will not fight in your ILLEGAL Wars anymore.
    The only War we will fight is the War to regain our Independence.If it needs to be by force,then so be it.That's your choice.You did not buy all that ammo to sit in storage.The March on DC on the 4th is the turning Point.We either send a message to the Invaders of America and the World that no longer will we be the Subjects of this Tyrannical Government,or we allow ourselves to be arrested by the DC INVADERS and Capitulate to Big Brother.
    I've read on many forums that if this March is Armed the government can send in instigators, fire on the DC Military and then start a shootout.If that happens then so be it.BUT if we go in UNARMED and the instigators open fire on the Police,we are left defenseless to die in a hail of bullets.MASSACRED.Armed we can defend ourselves.Armed we show our oppressers that they no longer control us.We need coverage from all angles.That includes video,cell phones,media coverage(non mainstream) to prevent this from happening.

    Here's where I disagree with Adam.Yes,allowing yourself and others to be arrested will show Americans and the World that this Government is oppressive and breaks Constitutional Laws.
    But don't we know that already?That will not stop the long train of abuses this Tyrannical Government plan to heap on the American Citizen.The lock down in Boston and Watertown was a drill.They saw the Capitulation and now believe they we are sheep that can be ordered to do anything.The next time it will not be a drill but the real thing.Well now Tyranny is ordering FREE AMERICAN CITIZENS to obey an Unlawful Law and threatening to arrest any free American Citizens that brings a gun into the DC Perimeter.
    Getting arrested and going through the Court System is futile.No justice there.So while the Government stalls on all these arrest trials,they keep moving forward with their agenda in making the American Citizens a slave to their Tyranny.When you get out of jail you'll head right to the FEMMA Camp.
    This March is the Pivotal Point in our fight to win our Independence.If the Police attempt to ILLEGALLY arrest Adam or anyone crossing that line,we must resist that attempt.We must prevent that from happening.If not now,when?There is never a right time.There will always be an excuse to wait.Do we wait until they knock on our door in the middle of the night?Then kick ourselves for letting that one opportunity we had go bye.When we were united in numbers to stand up to the Tyranny that oppresses us.That's what the survivors of the Holacaust lamented years later."If only we had fought them with axes,clubs,knives when they came to take us in our homes"Are we going to lament the same thing years later?
    Listen to this.The only way you gain your freedom from Tyranny is fight.It's never been gained thru a political solution.At least not in America.
    Just like the Patriots would not allow Adams and Hancock to be arrested.We can not allow Adam or anyone to be arrested.July 4th 2013 is our Lexington Green.



  • Neil

    Our president never presented the documents required to show that he meets the requirements for the position he has fraudulently filled. So there is no legal reason why we should respect any decision or ruling that has come out of his administration becuase at this time it is still completely illegitimate. But it's not a good idea to give them what they want which is more gun violence in order that they can attempt to use it to enact more stringent and unconstitutional rule of law. obama has already shown the world that he enjoys watching American citizens being murdered and he'll gladly accept any fuel you add to his fire. Maybe do some research before you vote next time, but we need to hold this man accountable in accordance with the already established rules of Due Process even though he has denied that same right to so many of us.

  • Johannan

    Hmmm. Right to peaceful demonstration, to petition the government.

    In DC you need a 'permit' to protest.


    It's funny reading these comments from the clueless ones-

    Here's a few clues for you people that are still living the big LIE!

    1, You are not a party to the constitution...Look it up--You have NO RIGHTS!

    2. Your government is a privately owned CORPORATION masquerading as a government---Look up the act of 1871--Dummies!

    3. In 1933 the USA incorporated started issuing birth certificates--They then formed a corporation in YOUR name and pledged you as a tax slave to the Queen--YES, SHE OWNS YOU---SLAVE!

    Look at your drivers license--It's in all CAPS as required in Corporate law--Just like your birth certificate! YOU are also a corporation--They even TRADE you on the stock exchange--Get your birth certificate--Take your CUSIP number to Fidelity online, enter it---THAT'S YOU!

    They trade you like a commodity!

    You also have a value---LOOK IT UP! Learn abut how to access your BOND ACCOUNT--

    Yeah, they don't ever want you to know about that as some are worth millions depending on age~

    4. The IRS is a privately owned collection agency based in Puerto Rico--OWNER--The Royal Crown, your tax money goes to the queen...

    5. Your courts do not have judges--They have administrators that settle MARITIME law disputes---Another farce your govt created...It's why you have a BIRTH certificate, since you came out of your mothers water, you are classified under maritime law--Just like a ship is docked in a berth and must provide a certificate at port of what the ship is carrying--

    YOU were provided a BIRTH certificate that tells exactly what you are-

    EVERYTHING you think about your country is one big fat LIE and your govt knows it's all falling apart, hence why they are arming up to the teeth for a rebellion!

    You go and stand in line for the presidential election, like an idiot, because BOTH sides are controlled by the Royal crown, every president except 1 has been related to the same Royal bloodline--OH--You actually thought you had a real president--

    YOU DON'T! You have a Ceo and they put him in power, he works for them, NOT YOU!

    6. Your federal reserve, it's owned by the bank of London, a cabal of 6 banks including JP Morgan, Bank Of America...They are a private owned corporation controlled by the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds...They engineer ever boom and bust cycle in your country, EVERY ONE-

    That big crash in 2008, that was because they cut off the money supply, so they could force their competition into submission so they could acquire them for pennies, Wachovia Bank, Washington Mutual, Merrill Lynch, they scooped them all up and they put Lehman in the grave while giving themselves even more control and power..

    You people need to wake up and realize they have been LYING to the entire COUNTRY!

    Turn off dancing with the stars, put down the Doritos and LEARN what your Govt has done to you and every other American---THEY KNOW IT!

    Look up everything I told you---100% TRUE--Spread it with your other ignorant asleep friends--Maybe once you folks wake up and realize they screwed EVERYBODY the country can change!

  • kkokesh

    Hey look, ya'll, I'm just paid by the CIA to start something so they can impose martial law.

  • Big Bear

    Well, it is heartening to know that when the Civil War commences, the battlefields will be the DC/NYC nexus. Where I live, in the American Redoubt, I will be a thousand miles from the nearest fires and the federal government will abandon us (yay!) to our own devices.

    I am for all intents and purposes in the last third of my life. I am too old to fight for a country which is not worth fighting for. Let it dissolve, and break into sustainable regions where each side can govern their own.