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D.C. Government to Reach Teens With Anti-Pot Zombies

Fake Weed + U = Zombie

Don't smoke synthetic marijuana, kiddos: It'll turn you into a flesh-craving beast. That's the message of K2 Zombie DC, a new Department of Health ad campaign aimed at keeping young people off "fake" marijuana.

The campaign's material stress what a downer synthetic marijuana makes its users—proms are ruined repeatedly by toking dates, while above, a carefree night in Chinatown turns ugly when a zombie arrives. The zombie apocalypse theme continues with a "zombie first aid kit" and a list of anti-drug prevention centers meant to "prevent and reverse the transformation of a K2 Zombie."

But this campaign's hipness isn't exhausted yet. A poll called "In Your Hood" asks teens how they've encountered synthetic marijuana in their hood, while a page for parents shows a snarling zombie and asks, "What are your kids hiding from you?"

Unfortunately for vigilant parents, though, it's still easy to be a K2 Zombie. A Fox 5 investigation last week found that the drug could be purchased at several D.C. area convenience stores.

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  • James

    I think this a great effort by the DC Dept Of Health. Anything that can help get this poison out of kids' hands is beneficial to everyone. My only worry is that kids will look at this as an over the top scare tactic.

    As someone who used synthetic marijuana for 3 years, I understand how horrible it is and how it really does turn you into a Zombie. Unfortunately, while I was using it, I didn't see what is was doing to me. Hopefully, this campaign will help deter some people from trying it and maybe open the eyes of the current users.