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New Cab Design Is Inspired by Circulator Buses

The D.C. Taxicab Commission voted on the long-awaited uniform color scheme. As reported earlier this week, it's going to be red with a gray strip—see it above on a Ford Crown Victoria. In a press release, the commission compares the design to the DC Circulator buses.

Take a look after the jump to see how it would look on other popular cab models, and head to the comments with your opinions about the design. Personally, I think it at least looks better than the competition.

Lincoln Town Car

Toyota Prius

Toyota Siena


Photos courtesy D.C. Taxicab Commission

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  • Bill

    Looks like the fire chiefs car that rushes to a fire! All cabs one color is boring. Bad idea!

  • Woody

    Lighter colors would be better, or dont the Taxi Commissioners live in Washington in the summer?

  • daredevil

    Upside down nike swoosh is a classic way for 2bit designers to say they "designed" something. Just give it a solid color. Damn. DeeCee politrixians always have to make a big tadoo about nothing for the photo ops to distract from the fact that they are are too incompetent to fix our schools.