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Atlanta Mayor Bashes D.C. Sports Fans

Washington's sports teams have their ups and downs. But does Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed have to rub our faces in it? Reed took to Twitter on his lunch break today to dispense shut down some D.C. sports fans.

The trouble started, Ball Hogs Radio notes, when a Washington Twitter user called Atlanta residents the worst sports fans in the country. Reed, an uneven Twitter user who is currently working to build a new football stadium, wasn't pleased.

Ouch, Mayor Reed. Reed continued to tweet that he was unimpressed with the Capitals' playoff run, but eventually made nice.

Reed's press office hasn't explained to City Desk what's behind this grudge.

Update, 3:30 p.m.: But maybe Reed and Washington aren't so different after all. Like Washington politicos, Reed received money from alleged shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson.

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  • Crystal Marie

    The Mayor is a Howard graduate, and very familiar with DC sports. I imagine this is just hometown pride.

  • RT

    Having lived in Atlanta, their sports fans are absolutely pitiful (as is the city itself-- yikes, you could give me a million dollar home there and I wouldn't go back). There's a reason they recently lost their hockey team. One bad year and they will not patronize their sports teams. They are very lucky that their sports teams are doing well right now. Go back 4-5 years and it was a verrrrry different story.