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The Needle: Catnapped No More

Meow: The cat stolen from a D.C. animal shelter over the weekend has been found alive by D.C. police. +1
Closing Time: What a time we've had, City Desk, but now it's time for me to go. Your next blogger will be picked soon. It could be you. +1

I Read The Thinly Veiled Politico Thriller So You Don’t Have To

Summer’s here and you’re looking for the perfect beach read. Might we suggest The List, former Politico reporter Karin Tanabe’s novel about life inside The Capitolist, a barely disguised Politico substitute described as “the only media outlet in D.C. that’s actually on the rise?"
But while Capitolist might be doing well, Tanabe's writing—not so much. That [...]

Taxi Fares Go Up Today, Sort Of

Starting today, the minimum price of a D.C. cab ride goes up from $3 to $3.25. But there's a catch.
In order to charge the additional 25 cents, drivers need to get the long-awaited credit card machines installed in their cabs. The drivers have until August 31 to get the machines. From now until the end [...]

Photo: Man Playing Flute

Malcolm X Park, May 19th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

District Line Daily: Plane Crashes Into Apartment

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Residents of a Herndon apartment building woke up to a crashed plane in their building early [...]

The Needle: Ambulance Shutdown

Broken Down: A D.C. ambulance carrying a man shot by police shut down yesterday, thanks to a device meant to keep the ambulance within environmental standards. -3
Touchdown: Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and his fiancee's thank-you notes to fans who bought gifts from their registry make the best of an awkward situation. +1

Metro Sends Cease-and-Desist to Parody “HotCars” Site

Parody Metro dating network Metro HotCars—"Here to Turn Up on the Heat on Your Love Life"—had people laughing last week, but Metro wasn't amused. At the time, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said the transit agency was "reviewing its legal options" against the humor site.
Today, it looks like they're done reviewing.
Metro has sent HotCars creator Kyle [...]

Chatter: Arts and Labor

What you said about what we said last week
With an annual festival, a handful of galleries, and now a new arts center and black-box theater, Anacostia’s arts infrastructure is growing quickly. But will audiences from across the city come to Ward 8? And what will the arts do for Anacostia? We pondered these questions in last week’s cover [...]

Jack Evans Launching Mayoral Campaign on June 8

The 2014 mayoral field just got a little more crowded. Following D.C. Council colleagues Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans is set to announce his own mayoral campaign on June 8.
Evans will launch his campaign at the corner of 14th and Q streets NW in front of Logan Circle's new Le [...]

District Line Daily: Hirshhorn Bubble Trouble

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The weird, wonderful Hirshhorn Bubble is on life support—and it could take the museum with it. [...]

Photo: Red Line

Red Line, May 23rd.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Judge Dismisses Eric Payne’s Lawsuit Against Natwar Gandhi Under Free Speech Law

Eric Payne is still suing the District government and Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi (pictured above) for allegedly firing him over lottery contract whistleblowing,  but he won't be able to sue them for defamation. In a ruling yesterday, a Superior Court judge threw out Payne's defamation lawsuit by using D.C.'s anti-SLAPP law, which bars so-called "strategic [...]

The Needle: Let’s Hear It for the Girls

D.C. for the Ladies: Washington is the best city in America for women, thanks to its single men and health care providers. +2
Change It: This Pigskins name debate, despite showing signs that it's losing momentum, isn't going away yet. +2

Ending Lazy Columnizing Would Boost Dana Milbank’s Case for Local Readership

The specific gripes Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has against the District government, as detailed in this morning's column:

Taxicabs will soon all be painted red.
The signs on top of cab roofs that say "Call 911."
D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange has been admonished for interfering with a health inspection of a campaign donor's allegedly rat-infested grocery store.
D.C. [...]

Before Armed March, Organizer Will Attend D.C. Toke-Up

Will activist Adam Kokesh stop getting arrested in time to get arrested at his July 4 armed march on D.C.? Despite getting arrested at a Philadelphia rally where protesters smoked marijuana earlier this month, Kokesh has started organizing another pro-pot event for June 8—and this time, it's in front of the White House.
Kokesh's Philadelphia arrest [...]