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The Needle: Waving Goodbye

Serious Stuff: Should Nationals fans stop doing "the wave?" Your Needler doesn't know anything about baseball, but it does seem like the anti-wave crowd is light on arguments. DCist writes: "It's amateurish, never well-timed, and, well, kind of pointless." Coincidentally, that could describe most things fans do at sports games. Plus, Bryce Harper is in favor. +3

Rowdy Teens: Forty-three Arlington teens have been charged with underage drinking after partygoers started throwing their drinks at a cop. -1

Fisticuffs: But the District is not without its own rowdy teens. As proof, there is this video, shot at a Chinatown Metro station brawl on Friday. -3

Mysterious Tweet: Is Robert Griffin III's tweet against "political correctness" a cryptic stand against renaming the team the "Redtails"? +1

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    The only thing wrong with the wave is sometimes the people who start it are oblivious to the supposed reason 35,000 people are gathered there.

    If it's for example a close game with runners on base, as someone who's taking 3 hours of your time to be there, it's kind of goofy to be paying that little attention to what's happening on the field at that moment. If your pitcher's in a jam, hanging on to a lead with 2 strikes on the hitter and the wave catches on, everybody collectively looks like half-assed fans. There are worse things to be.

    On the other hand, there are places that pick their spots and then can slow it down, speed it up, reverse it, and split it and have the 2 halves crossing past each other. If it's worth defending, maybe step it up.