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The Needle: Campaign Season

Door-Knocking: The at-large race has been over for a week, but mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser is already out campaigning. +1

Brainstorming: Can Greater Greater Washington come up with a better name for anti-bikeism than "anti-bikeism"? -1

HackingSocial: LivingSocial is struggling with an attack on its customer data. -3

Not-So-Good Samaritans: Three men near McPherson Square early Saturday morning stopped a man from attacking his girlfriend, according to police, only to then decide to rob him. +1, -1

Friday's Needle rating: 63 Today's score: -3 Today's Needle rating: 60

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  • ???

    The Greater Greater Washington link is from February 2010.

  • IMGoph

    Why did you link to a GGW article from over 3 years ago?