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American University Frat Accused of Mayonnaise Hazing

American University's Tau Kappa Epsilon frat has been accused by its own brothers of hazing, the university student papers reports. The hazing was decidedly food-centric:

Alleged practices include forcing pledges to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana; do planks, wall sits, pushups and extensive walking; drink an entire gallon of milk in one hour or less (known as the “gallon challenge”); eat an entire jar of mayonnaise.

Pledges were also reportedly driven out to Bethesda's Cabin John Park and abandoned, leaving them to walk the 10 miles back to campus. This hazing was so intense, it wouldn't even be allowed on ABC Family!

“So, I’ve been watching ‘Greek,’” one TKE brother said of the ABC Family television series in a private group post on Facebook on Nov. 13, 2011 obtained by The Eagle. “I realize why the fraternities on the show are so tame. None of the s*** we actually do could EVER be put on TV. Even the tame s***.”

Too hot for Bunheads.

Update, 4/29: Tau Kappa Epsilon has closed the American chapter following the allegations.

Photo by Flickr user jakewaage used under a Creative Commons license

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  • Alum

    They can't be any worse than Alpha Tau Omega!

  • Saint Alban

    OMG mommy! They left me in Cabin John Park without my iphone! They made me do pushups even though I told them I hurt my wrist playing video games! I couldn't tweet or update my facebook status for many hours! It was humiliating.

  • http://ConsDem ConsDem

    This is the most ridiculous and dangerous tradition. What purpose does it serve? Bullying at its extreme. These guys needs to grow up.

  • Saint Alban

    ConsDem -

    The intention is to create solidarity and bonding amongst the pledges so that they care and look out for each other during and after the events. A friend that carried you home from Cabin John when you were lost and scared is a friend for life.

    It's a very basic concept, human beings generally do not appreciate that which they have not had to work or sacrifice for. Membership into any club that is cheap and easy has little value.