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Increasing spring temperatures translate into more blossoms, more co-workers calling in sick with hay fever, and more dogs running about the District's parks and sidewalks. And there are quite a few of them: an analysis of figures obtained through D.C.'s Department of Health, which maintains a registry of the city's 3,841 pups, reveals that we are a town of terriers (858, including 29 Bostons, 85 Jack Russells, and 21 Soft Coated Wheatens) and retrievers (613, including 5 Chesapeake Bays), with plenty of unusual and rare breeds in the mix (three Norwegian Elkhounds, four Lagotto Romagnolos). Of course, there could be more dogs that aren't registered.

We've located the ZIP codes with the strongest concentration of some of the more recognizable breeeds. Whether you're trying to see some yippie prissies (chuhuahas: 20001) or avoid them, here's where the dogs are.

Graphic by Carey Jordan

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  • name

    Puhleeze. Registering your dog is for suckers in DC.

  • Squarely Rooted

    "Of course, there could be more dogs that aren't registered."

    I would be roughly 100% certain that is the case, give or take 0%. There is no way that there is only one pooch per 200 people in the District of Columbia. I would be that the majority of dog owners in DC don't even know about the registry.

  • ap

    I want to like and share this but there are some big errors. The graphic says there are 124 Terriers, but the text says 858? It seems very unlikely that an accurate number of beagles is 24.

  • Jenny Rogers

    Hi ap. Those are not errors: The text says that there are 858 terriers, and that that particular zipcode has the highest concentration of them (124). Same with all the breeds.

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