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Windowless, $2,300 Apartments “Going Very Quickly”

In February, news broke that the roller rink above the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter was being turned into apartments. Eight of the apartments at the center of the former rink wouldn't have windows, getting light instead through a skylight. It looked like D.C. apartment mania had finally met its match: Who would pay thousands of dollars every month to live in a windowless apartment?

Apparently, a lot of people. The apartments will be ready for move-in next month. Three of the windowless apartments, going for around $2,300 a month each, are already leased. "Those are going very quickly," says Jason Hogan, director of corporate marketing at Borger Management, which is running the newly renamed Citadel Apartments.

The layout is unusual, Hogan admits, but says that spreading each apartments' roughly 720 square feet to multiple floors is attractive to renters. There's lots of closet space, and the large skylight opens for air.

If trading windows for stairs sounds good to you, too, the apartment building is hosting an open house May 4. But watch out—you won't be alone. "If I had the money, that would be my first pick out of all the homes," Hogan says.

Photo by Capital Pixel's Lori Steenhoek.

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  • monkeyrotica

    Well, if you're used to living in your mom's basement or a crypt, this is a step up.

  • tenant

    Building codes almost always require that a sleeping space have two exits, typically the door and a window accessible from the floor (a high window or skylight doesn't count). Unless the unit has a back door that isn't visible in the drawing, it's hard to believe it's legal.

  • M!

    @ tenant I vote for an ejector seat!

  • Clifford Smith

    You go through the fireplace silly!!
    Come on, everyone knows that!

  • Jodu

    Depending on how it's executed it may not be all that bad. The price is a little high but it's fair for someone who MUST live in Admo (one bedrooms with windows are available for less elsewhere in NW DC)...

  • Jason E Hogan

    Incorrect- ignorance- remove.. passed and has a COO

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