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The Needle: Tough Pup

Free-Range Shih Tzu: Fairfax County Animal Control recently captured a shih tzu that had managed to survive on its own for two years. +2

Free Chicken: If you haven't tried Nando's Peri-Peri yet, now's your chance. Show up with someone who's never experienced the spicy South African chicken tonight and get two free quarter chickens. +2

Missing Space: Homeless advocates say that federal agencies have been hiding unused property that could go toward the homeless. -5

A Stretch: Arlington's government-sponsored yarn bombing has begun. +/-0.

Friday's Needle rating: 90 Today's score: -1 Today's Needle rating: 89

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  • CDJ

    Random question: Do you purposefully try to decrease the score once it gets too high?

  • Will Sommer

    Who can speak to the mysteries of the Needle? But yes, sometimes it gets too close to 100 and bad things seem to happen all of a sudden.